Self-Care Box for Men or Women

For Him or Her

All boxes come with free shipping. It can be so hard to think of one's own needs while grieving. This sympathy gift and care package helps your loved one remember to focus on their own needs at this hard time. In addition to the items below, a sympathy card and a personal note from you are included in the box. You can choose for Him or for Her boxes depending on who you are sending it to.

Each box includes the following:

Four (4) SolaceClub Grief Cards - Each Grief Card is a reminder to hold forgiveness and compassion for yourself. When someone feels guilty about focusing on themselves, these cards offer extra strength and support.

Mighty Leaf Chamomile Citrus Tea - This herbal tea is a refreshing infusion of soothing chamomile flowers and citrus fruit, designed to rejuvenate the spirit. A tea break can be the few calm minutes you need to get through a rough day.

Cozy Wooly Socks (For Her) - Staying in your pajamas for a quiet day of reading and napping? These socks provide warmth and comfort for those days where getting out of the house is not an option.

Slippers (For Him) - Warm, cozy slippers for days where you want to stay in the house rather than go out into the world.

Keipp Mineral Bath Salts (For Her): These soothing bath salts nourish aching joints and muscles with arnica extract and natural essential oils of cabreuva, rosemary and pine species to provide a warming and invigorating bath experience.

SolaceClub Sage Bath Salts (For Him) -  These relaxing bath salts help soothe aching joints and muscles with a combination of epsom and sea salts steeped in the restorative sage scent to provide a warming and invigorating bath experience.

Grief Essential Oil (For Her) - Combat emotional and spiritual distress with this comforting blend of bergamot, chamomile, cypress and marjoram essential oils.

SolaceClub Aftershave (For Him) - This refreshing aftershave contains organic aloe vera which immediately soothes and moisturizes irritated skin along with the ingredients of comfrey, hops and burdock root. Lavender is included to help disinfect and heal nicks while also adding a clean yet tranquil scent to the skin.

Chocolate Squares - These divine chocolate squares are individually wrapped in smaller sizes so you can enjoy eating them anytime, anywhere.

And a note to tell them how much you care.

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