Anger Box

Respecting the Hard Emotions.

All boxes come with free shipping. This sympathy gift is about respecting and giving yourself permission to feel your emotions, in particular anger. It can be a challenge to allow yourself to vent, to cry and to scream at times. Not all expressions are healthy though. The SolaceClub "Anger Sympathy Box will help those in grief to explore, understand and express their anger.

Grief Cards - These cards remind us that we have permission to express anger during grief. There’s no single correct way to behave when we are grieving, and our Grief Cards remind people that whatever emotions come up in the process are important.

Stress Ball -  A SolaceClub stress ball to squeeze, throw, and hold can help you work through the hard feelings while you are in the midst of your daily life.

Anger Doll -  This little companion is made to throw, hit, or smack against a wall over and over again. Sometimes a little expressive anger is just what you need, and here is something you can whack without fear of hurting it or yourself.

Meditation Coloring Book - Sometimes breathing and focus is better than throwing things. This beautiful meditation coloring book gives you a chance to take a break, center yourself, and let the anger fade away.

Twelve (12) Colored Pencils - For the coloring book, not for breaking!

WarHeads Candies - In each SolaceClub box, we include something for the tastebuds, bringing the focus to the body in the present moment and providing a bit of sustenance. Warheads are intensely tart candies with lots of taste -- perfect for someone expressing their anger.

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