More Than Flowers Box

Getting through those first impossible weeks.

All boxes come with free shipping. Our More Than Flowers Box is designed to help people cope with the intense physical and emotional sensations that often accompany the first stages of grief. In addition to the items below, we include our elegant sympathy card and a personal note from the gift purchaser.

Ginger Candies - In acute grief, emotional upheaval can impact our bodies. Ginger can help soothe the stomach and reduce nausea.

Lavender Spray - People have been using lavender for centuries to calm the nervous system. Mist your bed before sleep, the air around the room, or your skin, and breathe deeply to promote relaxation.

Bach Flower Remedies - Created to help in crisis situations, this mixture of flowers and herbs in flavorful candy form helps with relaxation, calming and focus.

Cooling eye mask - With grief, often there are tears, sleeplessness, and fatigue. Relieve your red and tired eyes as you take a moment to rest and soothe yourself.

Grief journal - Grief can make it harder to remember things, including the journey through grief itself. This journal helps you process that grief and keep track of important details as well as the thoughts and feelings that may surface.

A pack of tissues - We can never have too many tissues. Use them yourself or share with others. They are always needed and appreciated.

A remembrance bracelet - In the past, people wore black clothing, hats, and arm bands to indicate they were in mourning, but as those customs fade, our grief is often invisible to others. This bracelet helps remind you and those around you to connect as you grieve.

Thank you cards - After a loved one passes, people may support us in ways we’d like to acknowledge. Thank you cards help let the people around you know how much that support is appreciated.

Grief Cards - After a profound loss, you may find yourself unable to go on as “normal”. Or you may find that your normal routine soothes and comforts you. Our Grief Cards serve as reminders that you’re allowed to grieve in whatever ways you can, that there’s no “correct” way to move through pain and loss.

And a note to tell them how much you care.

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